NOMADS make a big impact

NOMADS (Nomads on a mission, active in devine service) came once again to Aldersgate this October and worked hard for 3 weeks.  Projects included working on the new Cedar House (for staff), Craft Hut, all 4 Cottages and the O. P. Smith Lodge.  They even worked on the old Fitchburg General Store.  NOMADS are primarily Retired United Methodists who volunteer through the UM based NOMAD organization to serve camps and agencies around the country.  They sign up for an approved project (like Aldersgate) and stay onsite where possible.  NOMADS love coming to Aldersgate in part because our RV park is so nice and provides a perfect setting for their 3 week stay.  NOMADS work 4 days a week.   Aldersgate Camp has had NOMADS coming for years.  This year’s project director has been on 39 NOMAD projects and told us that Aldersgate was the absolute best camp he had ever worked with in all aspects.  Thanks NOMADS for all your service.

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