Colorado Trail Hike 2013 July 15-27

cth2010The CTH is a longstanding program offered by Aldersgate Camp many times in years past.  The purpose of CTH 2013 is to  provide an opportunity for personal, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth through an intense outdoor camping and hiking setting where persons are in interaction with other Christians and the changing environment.

Backpackers will spend 3 days sightseeing in Colorado in order to become acclimated to the thin air.  Then the group will backpack for 7 days in the Maroon Bell Snowmass Wilderness Area just outside of Aspen Co.  The trip starts out very physical and ends up being a very spiritual experience. 

This trip is not for everyone.  A 6 month training routine and several practice hikes will be observed by those participating.  Open to college age and up, it is definitely one of the most powerful experiences you will ever encounter.

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