All prices are subject to change.

      Lodging Costs

          O.P. Smith Lodge                     $22.00 per person ($140 minimum)

          Cabins                                       $9.00 per person

          Heated Cabins                          $13.00 per person

          RV Park                                    $24.00 per site (Closed in June and July during summer camp)

          Creekside Cottage                      $26.00 per person ($40 minimum)

          Cottage (w/ meal plan)                $26.00 per person ($180 minimum)

          Cottage (w/o meal plan)              $31.00 per person ($180 minimum)

          Camping                                     $8.00 per person

     Other Facilities

          Chapel Multipurpose Room (booked separately)  $30.00 per time block for weekends & holidays

                                                                                 $50.00 per day for Monday – Thursday

          Chapel Upstairs Conference Room (booked separately)       $25.00 per day

          Chapel Downstairs Conference Room (booked separately)   $25.00 per day

          Lodge Meeting Room                                                  $25.00 per day

          Ground Use                                                                     $3.00


          Low Ropes                                $12.00

          High Ropes                               $18.00

          Zip Line                                       $60.00  setup fee + $3.00 a person($90.00 minimum)

          Swimming Pool                         $35/hr

          Disc Golf                                     $3.00 a person


        Breakfast                                  $4.75 per person

         Brunch                                     $7.00 per person

         Lunch                                       $5.75 per person

         Dinner                                      $7.00 per person