Do You Have the Map?

Do You Have the Map?

One day, I set out with a couple of former summer camp counselors to explore Cabin in the Woods. Have you done this trail at Aldersgate? It’s unofficial and not on any trail map. We were told to look for some old trash on the ground and in a tree. We looked and bushwacked for hours. Got up close with some impressive rock faces. Saw amazing varieties of woodland flowers. Managed to not get any poison ivy! But never did we find the famed Cabin in the Woods. Sure would have been nice to have a map.

Our journeys in faith can often feel like this too. So much wandering with no clear direction, looking for any way marker along the way we can find. But our Christian faith is full of good news. This good news also means that Jesus came before us to show us the way.

This year, we are excited to announce that the theme for YDR 2020 will be: Experience God through the Word

Keynoting YDR 2020, April 24-26, will be Aaron Mansfield, Pastor at Morehead UMC. I asked him to reflect on what this theme means to him. Aaron shared the following:

Jesus has shown us the way of discipleship. The New Testament is our discipleship manual.  Jesus taught, showed, taught again, modeled it with the disciples, sent them out to do it themselves, and processed what happened with them.  It’s all right there, in the Word, what we need to do to be disciples of Christ today.

Jesus knows what it is like to feel lost, remember He too wandered in the wilderness. The good news is that Jesus bushwacked through before us, set the blazes to mark the trail, and left us the trail map. 

Join us for YDR 2020 at Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center to examine what discipleship in your life can actually look like.

Register today! Youth groups and individuals are both very much welcome.

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