God is Moving in the Woods

Chapel in the Woods

We are often told God moves at Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center. God is heard and felt all around you. Perhaps because this is a place of worship where you can focus. Or perhaps because this is a place your cell phone doesn’t work, and you can focus. 

Chapel in the Woods is a very special place of worship at Aldersgate because it draws you into the beautiful woods of God’s creation. It is a place where the stillness can open your ears and heart to all of the way God moves around you.

Rehabbing Chapel in the Woods is one of the projects we’ll be working on during CAMP Workday 2020, March 27th-28th. We are excited to let you know that some great volunteers have already committed to working on this project. They will be building a fire ring, installing new benches, setting a new trail sign and trimming back trees and branches.

You can help us fund this project, and many others like it, by donating today. We’ve already raised $745 with your help! Thank you to all who have contributed.

We would also love to welcome you as a volunteer, register here.

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