The Craft Hut
The Craft Hut

Have you ever ridden out a rainstorm in the craft hut?

A week of summer camp isn’t quite complete without at least one really good rainstorm, right? Well, eastern Kentucky sure can deliver! When a thunderstorm rolls into the valley, our summer staff know that keeping campers safe is the first priority. For Aldersgate, that means getting campers into a building where the counselors can start playing games and singing songs to help the time pass as we waiting for the thunder to roll on along.

Our craft hut is a safe place for most thunderstorms. But every so often, we get a real gully washer that overwhelms the water drainage and causes the floor of the craft hut to flood. That is not ideal! When this happens, we use the camp vans to shuttle those campers to a different building. It would be so much easier, and more fun for the campers, if they could safely stay inside the craft hut.

You can help us fix this!

Another big project we want to tackle at the March 28th CAMP Workday is improving the drainage around the craft hut. This will include digging trenches, laying water drainage tubing, and spreading gravel. It’ll be a lot of work, and we would love for you to contribute. 

We welcome volunteers of all skill levels and have plenty of easy level projects to tackle also.

You can register you or your group today. If you cannot attend, please make a donation to help us purchase supplies.


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