We’re taking “Disconnect to Reconnect” very seriously!
We’re taking “Disconnect to Reconnect” very seriously!

We’re taking “Disconnect to Reconnect” very seriously!

Life is certainly asking all of us to stay flexible these days, isn’t it? Our routines are changing, and sometimes those changes can bring feelings of isolation and separation.

At Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center, we often say that our guests and campers can “disconnect to reconnect”. That phrase came about in part because our cell service is so spotty out here. Folks literally had to disconnect.

Right now as we practice social distancing, our kids are home from school, and more of us are working from home; our sense of disconnection can feel more profound. 

From these challenging circumstances was born the Aldersgate Virtual Day Camp! We began the program on March 16th and the current plan is to run for three weeks. Twice a day, one of our amazing volunteers is leading a 15-minute activity. Drawing on the amazing talents of our summer counselors, deans, and other volunteers; we are providing devotions, story times, yoga wiggle sessions, science experiments, camp fire singalongs, crafts, service projects, and more!

The Aldersgate Virtual Day Camp is hosted live on our Facebook page. If you cannot join in live, you can always watch later at your convenience. Using this platform, also means it is free for anyone who wants to watch.

It’s a small act to remind us that even in our distance, we are very much connected. Right now, small acts can mean so much. Please help us spread the word about the Aldersgate Virtual Day Camp to remind folks that we are all in this together.

Join us on Facebook for virtual camp day! 

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