Drawing Together, While Apart, Through Prayer
Drawing Together, While Apart, Through Prayer

Drawing Together, While Apart, Through Prayer

For each of us, our day to day routine has changed. Our lives have shifted in both small and dramatic ways. Our faith in Christ reminds us to hope and to love. So much of the work of Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center is focused on serving our children and youth. Let’s remember today to stand in our faith and care for the young around us. Their routines have altered so much, and the news can be scary. Let us remind them our faith is alive, and we are walking together with Christ.

Join us in this prayer for our children and youth.

Lord, open my heart to understand the feelings of the young people in my life. With your guidance, I will hear and serve those that feel uncertain or frightened. Open my heart and fill me with the courage to love.

Loving God, help me see you in the face and heart of every young person you place in front of me today. When I see you I will embrace you and serve you. Humble me Lord so that my pride will not keep me from recognizing you.

Holy Spirit guide me. Speak to me in every moment. Love through me in every moment. In every moment draw me closer to you and let me know your love that I might love others as you love me.

*this prayer adapted from one written by Theresa Mazza at youthministry.com

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