A reminder of renewal through a mustard seed or even a tomato seed
A reminder of renewal through a mustard seed or even a tomato seed

A reminder of renewal through a mustard seed or even a tomato seed

Early morning, as the sun is just cresting over the ridge line, frost in still on the ground. The sky is a rich blue. Birds sing their songs and turkeys call for each other’s attention. The water in the creek bounces around bends and splashes over rocks always flowing, flowing, flowing.

As the sun warms the earth, I am in the garden. Preparing rows and hoeing drainage channels. My thoughts bounce around as I consider what campers might like helping to grow and eat always making plans, making plans, making plans.

Have you ever looked at a mustard seed? They are quite small and seem so insignificant. Yet God reminds us, with faith as small as that seed, we can move mountains. A seed is just waiting for the moment to make its impact. A seed is a promise that something new will form from this spec.

This spring is different from any other we’ve experienced at Aldersgate, and I imagine that is also the case for you. Even though we cannot have retreat guests on site at this time, we carry on optimistic that we will be able to welcome you home for summer camp. This includes preparing the summer garden.

This year we are especially looking at indeterminate varieties of seeds and plants, meaning types that will keep producing fruit and vegetables as you harvest thus yielding abundance.
Working in the soil with plants can be a restorative experience, and it might be just the activity to physically remind yourself that our spiritual faith is grounded in the promise of renewal and rebirth. Your garden doesn’t need to be large enough to feed everyone. It can begin with a small patch in the ground or a container or two.

Some plants or seeds you might want to grow could be cucumbers, squash, zucchini, kale, lettuce, or cherry tomatoes. Another great addition to your home garden are herbs. They add instant flavor to all of that home cooking we are all doing more of now, and bees love them which will help to pollinate your other plants and produce more.

Spring reminds us to begin anew. Each seed is an opportunity. Let us plant our seeds wisely now so that we can all reconnect at Aldersgate for Summer Camp because we want to welcome you home. Registration for summer camp is open, reserve your spot today.

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