YDR 2020 is Back On – with a Virtual Twist!

YDR 2020 is Back On – with a Virtual Twist!

Friends, we are very excited to announce that Aldersgate’s Youth Discipleship Retreat (YDR) 2020 will be held as a virtual event. Using Facebook to broadcast, this virtual retreat experience will be May 15th -16th and is free and open to all youth in the Kentucky Conference. Even in the midst of staying healthy at home, your next great youth retreat is ready for you!

In normal times, youth ministry can be draining. That challenge has been compounded by the need to maintain social distance. Nurturing connections and forging new ties must be done virtually now. It is tough, but Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center is still here for you. 

The great news is you are not alone, and Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center is here to lend a hand. May 15-16, 2020 we will be hosting a virtual Youth Discipleship Retreat (YDR). With one evening session on the May 15 and two sessions on May 16, YDR 2020 will be broadcast over Facebook and YouTube. A fourth Zoom session will also be available on May 16, for youth to gather and discuss what they have learned and dive even deeper together.

Here are some ways you can help your youth engage with YDR 2020 and to grow deeper in their faith:

  • Spread the word! Be sure they know about our virtual YDR and encourage them to participate.
  • Schedule a virtual watch party or Zoom conference to bring your youth together to experience YDR together.
  • Partner with another church to bring multiple youth groups together for a Zoom conference. Not only will your youth get a great faith development resource, but they can also form connections with other youth.

Drew McNeil, Wesley Foundation Director at Moorehead, will be leading worship and music. Our speaker will be Aaron Mansfield, Pastor at Moorehead United Methodist Church.

We hope you will join us for YDR 2020, and that very soon we will be able to welcome you home. 

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