Aldersgate is Blessed
Aldersgate is Blessed

Aldersgate is blessed. Surrounded by God’s splendor, we are the stewards of an amazing ministry. Of course in 2020, Aldersgate’s ministry had to adapt, like so many other things. 

That change brought challenges. Faced with the unknown, we turned to truths we do know. God has bathed us in grace. God’s love never fails. Aldersgate is God’s ministry, and God is faithful. 

As never before, people touched by this ministry stepped forward to financially support Aldersgate and truly sustain us through these difficult months. In 2020, 226 different people and families gave to Aldersgate. The support of all these donors, during a year that was stressful for all of us, has meant so much to Aldersgate. 

Aldersgate is blessed. We pray God will continue to use this ministry to bless our community and all of you. Thank you so much for your love and support. We are excited to get back to camp and retreat ministry. Above all we are excited to see you face to face and say, “Welcome home!”

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