Inviting Volunteers Back Safely
Inviting Volunteers Back Safely

Aldersgate has been a quiet place since the fall. It has been our longest stretch yet with no guests. It has been an opportunity for us to follow the rhythms of God’s creation. To follow the lead of the trees and seeds and animals. To store up energy and prepare for the freshness of spring. 

We will meet the spring with hope. Hopeful that soon we will be welcoming guests and campers back to the specialness of Aldersgate. But while we hope, we must also prepare. This is where we could use your help. We have identified service projects that are perfect for individuals or small groups (10 or less). If you’re ready for some fresh air and a bit of hard work, we are ready for you!

Aldersgate projects that need your help include:

  • Split and stack campfire wood
  • Revitalize Chapel in the Woods. Place new benches, remove railroad ties and shift to line trail, build and install new cross, build new campfire ring, trim back limbs, pain and install trail sign
  • Trail maintenance
  • Weed eat and clear brush along creek banks
    • Near office
    • Covered bridge
    • RV park
    • Suspended bridge
  • Clear brush around Creekside Building
  • Deep clean summer cabins and remove old mattresses
  • Clean barn stalls and spread fresh sawdust
  • Removed marked trees and branches along road up to chapel and down to RV park
  • Clear brush and small trees at Large Pavilion
  • Clear brush at Lodge Fire ring and install new cross
  • Repaint red and white directional and trail signs
  • Repaint cross out of chapel
  • Sort bottle caps 

Of course we want you and the Aldersgate staff to stay healthy and safe while you’re volunteering. Here are the steps we will take to keep our volunteers and staff safe:

  • One group scheduled per day, max of 10 in a group.
  • Volunteers will be scheduled in advance. 
  • Restrooms and water provided in Lodge.
  • Sanitizing wipes provided in bathrooms, kitchen, and tables so that volunteers can wipe down behind them.
  • Masks required around staff. 
  • Volunteers will have to bring their own lunch. Volunteers can eat in lodge with understanding that they will clean up after themselves. 

We hope you are excited about this opportunity to visit Aldersgate and support the special ministry that takes place here.

To schedule your volunteer time and the project you want to work on, please contact us at office@aldersgatecamp.org or 606-723-5078.

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