Volunteers are Vital
Volunteers are Vital

Volunteers are vital to the ministry of Aldersgate. Remaining flexible this year is also key. This year, instead of planning our regular CAMP weekend, we are asking volunteers to turn out throughout the spring to help us prepare for summer camp. 

We’ve got materials to build two more Gaga Ball Pits! We’ve got supplies to rehab Chapel in the Woods! We’ve got firewood to split! We’ve got our awesome new cabin that needs a finished interior! And of course we have trails that could use some TLC!

Truth is, we have all sorts of projects that range from highly skilled to non skilled. A complete list of projects can be found online here. 

Of course we want you and the Aldersgate staff to stay healthy and safe while you’re volunteering. Here are the steps we will take to keep our volunteers and staff safe:

  • One group scheduled per day, max of 10 in a group.
  • Volunteers will be scheduled in advance. 
  • Restrooms and water provided in Lodge.
  • Sanitizing wipes provided in bathrooms, kitchen, and tables so that volunteers can wipe down behind them.
  • Masks required around staff. 
  • Volunteers will have to bring their own lunch. Volunteers can eat in lodge with understanding that they will clean up after themselves. 

We hope you are excited about this opportunity to visit Aldersgate and support the special ministry that takes place here.

To schedule your volunteer time and the project you want to work on, please contact us at office@aldersgatecamp.org or 606-723-5078.

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