Ready for some good news?
Ready for some good news?

In the midst of this freeze, Aldersgate is ramping up for summer! We are happy to share that Aldersgate received several program focused grants this year to help us improve and expand our summer camp offerings. 

With the aid of these grants we have been able to:

  • Launch a new canoe program! Funding allowed us to purchase a canoe trailer, 6 canoes, paddles and life jackets. This program will start in 2022 and will help us highlight the beauty of our KY rivers, while also incorporating aquatic life and water way protection in our discussions of stewarding God’s creation. Two additional canoes have also been donated to this program. 
  • Make a significant contribution to our scholarship fund! This money will directly help us get more kids at camp during 2021. Please encourage families and faith leaders to contact us about this resource. 
  • Re-roof two buildings! If you have ever been in OP Smith Lodge during a heavy rainstorm, you know it had a few leaks. The same was true for the Director’s house, but happily that is no longer the case. Grant funding allowed us to re-roof both buildings in metal. Given all the rain, snow, and sleet we have had this month; it couldn’t have happened at a better time!

And that’s not all! We have several other grant funded projects and improvements for Aldersgate. We will continue to share that good news with you here and online. Of course, we can’t wait to welcome you home to show it all to you in person. 

While we are beyond excited about how these grants have helped us to expand and improve our summer camp program at Aldersgate, we continue to be deeply thankful for the financial gifts of individual givers and churches who have helped Aldersgate meet the day to day costs of maintaining camp during this challenging year. While helping Aldersgate pay its power bill isn’t as glamorous as buying new canoes, we simply wouldn’t be able to continue this ministry without you. Please know it is from the bottom of our hearts when we say, thank you!

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