Aldersgate has a variety of invaluable and faithful volunteers who visit us for the sole purpose of helping camp become a better, safer facility. From deans to counselors, from NOMADS to work groups, our volunteers are the GREATEST!

Come be a part of the Volunteer Staff of Aldersgate!

Fill out the Volunteer Form

Summer Camp Volunteers:

Basic Requirements for volunteering for summer camp:
– Volunteers must be at least 16 years old.
– Adult volunteers must complete a background check.
(We request volunteers pay $10 to help cover this expense.)
– Volunteer counselors must be at least 4 years older than the oldest camper in their group.

If interested in volunteering for summer camp, please complete the Summer Camp Volunteer Form, contact us at office@aldersgatecamp.org, or call (606) 723-5078.

Work Retreats:

Individuals and groups interested in helping around camp this fall with various projects and jobs are invited to contact us at office@aldersgatecamp.org or call (606) 723-5078. Depending on your skill level, free lodging and meals may be provided.

Contact the Aldersgate Camp office at office@aldersgatecamp.org or call (606) 723-5078.